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ing a look aro●und, maybe ●the price will dro●p further."Expe〓rts say the〓 price drop● of materials such ○as steel has giv●en more room f■or home appliance〓 discounts. Data◆ from the ■Ministry of〓 Commerce shows t◆hat the st■eel price has droppe■d nearly 30 percent,● compared with the〓 record high● hit in mid-〓2008. This transl●ate to a cost d〓ecline of ◆3 to 5 percent for● air-conditioner ◆manufactures.Home a●ppliance company● manager says, "th◆e materials〓 price has dro●pped a lot. ■But we have〓 not cut pri○ce of our po●pular produc●ts. We have only o◆ffered disc◆ount in certain ◆types of pro■ducts."Industry i■nsiders point out t■hat the price dro〓p of materials wil○l not affect t■he retail price◆ immediately, be●cause manufact●urers usually buy m●aterials in■ advance. BEIJING, A●pril 22 (Xinhua)〓 -- Huang Gu○angyu, former chai◆rman of Gome E◆lectrical ○Appliances H●oldings, went on tri●al in Beijing T■hursday on charges ●of illegal busi●ness dealings,◆ insider tra〓ding and bribery. 〓The court heari●ng was opened at t●he Beijing No. 2 In●termedia

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    te● People's Cour〓t Thursday mornin■g. Home app■liances are provin●g to be hot proper●ty, ahead of the Ch○inese New Ye◆ar Holiday. E

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    nal stores. Here's ○Kimberley Harp〓er with more〓 details. B●oosted by price cut●s and promo●tions, home〓 appliance stores○ in China

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    ●are seeing a surge■ in customer numbers◆ and sales● during th◆e holiday sea◆son. Song L○inlin, General● Manager, GO●ME Electro〓ni